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Tounsi w Nghayer  


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What is the Project : Tounsi w Nghayer

 “Tounsi w Nghayer” introduces an election simulation program targeting six regions: Tunis Jdaida, Manouba, Ben Arous, Sousse, Jendoub, and Gabes. Initially, 11 youth were trained in facilitation techniques, who then returned to their respective communities to train 180 additional youth (30 per region). The training covered various topics such as self-discovery, communication techniques, ideation, campaigning, and pitching. Regional and National competition will take place. 

1- Training of Facilitators & Participants

The training of facilitators commenced after launching a call for applications. Selected facilitators underwent a rigorous 4-day training program focused on honing their facilitation skills. During this training, they were equipped with knowledge and techniques pertaining to various topics, including ideation, pitching, campaigning, fundraising, research, and understanding. This comprehensive training prepared facilitators to effectively guide and support participants throughout the program, ensuring a high-quality learning experience across all regions.

In the second phase, our team of 11 trained facilitators, spanning 6 regions (Jedaida, Douar Hicher, Ben Arous, Jendouba, Gabes, Sousse), conducted training sessions with groups of 30 participants per region. During these sessions, youth participants engaged in a process of analyzing the needs of their respective regions. They explored potential projects that could address these needs, with a particular focus on initiatives that could be undertaken before the upcoming regional elections. Through this hands-on approach, participants gained valuable insights into community development and civic engagement, preparing them to take meaningful action in their communities.





2- Regional Elections

The regional competition, designed as a simulated election process, commenced with a draw to determine the order of teams presenting their pitches. Each team then had the opportunity to showcase their project, followed by insightful inquiries from the jury members aimed at further evaluating their work process. Subsequently, the audience participated in voting for their preferred group, with their votes contributing to 30% of the final results.

Following a brief intermission, the jury engaged in deliberations to finalize the results, culminating in the announcement of the winning team.






















3- National Elections

The national competition follows the same format as the regional competition, simulating elections to showcase innovative projects. However, the national competition brings an elevated dimension as teams from all six regions converge to compete for the prestigious title of the best project.


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Mohamed Ouahabi

Mohamed Ouahabi

Project Coordinator


Photos from Tounsi w Nghayer program

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