Tounsi W Nghayer is International Institute of Debate’s latest project, Funded by MEPI “Middle East Partnership Initiative” TWN is not your typical project though ; it’s an incubator project that aims at promoting youth initiatives in Tunisia all within a vivid competition frame set around an exciting gaming theme.

Tounsi W Nghayer is launched in 6 different regions across Tunisia; Tunis, Bizerte, Sfax, Gabes, Gafsa and Sidi Bouzid. The competition is aimed at every young Tunisian between the ages of 15 and 23 with a project idea either to solve an issue matter or develop the community /governorate they are in. Each team is composed of 5 members and each region is set to have 6 teams, making it 30 participants in every region, 180 Tunisian youth in total!

Tounsi W Nghayer is set to last 8 months; with each month representing a new stage in the game competition, where participants are trained by IIDebate trainers in debate techniques, civic education, public speaking, methods and techniques of field research, data collection and analyses, project writing, campaign creation and development, video making and pitching.

The competition has two determining stages;

  • Regional Election where the best team in every region will be selected to represent that region; moving six teams to the final phase of the competition
  • National election where one project idea will be voted out of the six , declaring the winning project of Tounsi W Nghayer