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Launching of the project ‘خليني نختار’ in Partnership with the British Council

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The aim of this project is to implement a culture of communication and to give the students the opportunity to choose the path that they want to follow, beginning with their university fields of study. The project will initially focus on high school students from Tunis such us: Duwar Hicher, Manouba, Wed Ellil, Tbourba, Ariana, Ben Arous and other regions as: Menzel Bourguiba ,Bizerte, Kef, Guebes, Sfax, Cap Bon as (Nabeul, Klebia, Haouaria, hammamet), Zaghouene, Gafsa and Kef.

We have already started networking on this particular area

The project seeks to facilitate discussions about the problems students face surrounding the transition from high school to university. It will assist in the creation of a concrete action plan to understand the needs and the path that each person in the program wants to follow.

Offering the students the chance to learn more about the techniques of communication and how to improve their research skills will enable them to make decisions by themselves.

The International Institute of Debate in partnership with the British Council aims to mobilize, a group of volunteer teachers that will act as formal guidance counselors assisted by university students that will help them. They will listen and help the program participants to understand their profiles and decide which field(s) they may want to follow in university. Since Tunisia presently has a lack of courses in communication and public speaking within its educational curriculum, this cycle will contribute to developing well-rounded high school students.

IIDebate will deliver training courses on communication and debate in order to enhance the skills of those youth in researching, listening, making arguments and concluding a discussion. We also plan to deliver training sessions about basics of entrepreneurship. These trainings will increase high school students’ awareness of the active role they can play in developing their society.

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Training with ‘We Youth’

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WeYouth is a newly established organization targeting high schools in Sfax. Their role is to involve youth between the ages of 15 and 20 in civic life by providing them training on different fields such as: Leadership, Program Management, Project Organizing, Time & Team management, and Communication and Debate Skills. IIDebate was invited to do a one day workshop training with more than 50 participants between the age of 15 to 18 to enhance their capacities in communication skills, and to face their fears about speaking in public. This training was rich in exercises to make them practice and be aware of their weakness and strength and to be sure where they have to improve themselves.

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Training with AIESEC Nabel in Hammamet

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During the first conference of AIESEC Nabel, The International Institute of Debate was invited to deliver training sessions to AIESEC members in order to enhance their capacities in communication.

We started by presenting different communication styles, than we performed exercises to make the participants face their fears of speaking in public.

During this session we had the participation of 60 young students between the ages of 19 to 25, aiming to enhance their skills in communication.

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Training session with AIESEC Medina

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In order to prepare their members before starting the real work and to be in touch with the chief executive of companies, AIESEC Medina invited the International Institute of Debate to deliver a two hour training session. The training focused on enhancing the capacities of the participants in communication skills, public speaking and argumentation skills. The members had many simulations in order to detect their weaknesses and to work on them during the other exercises.

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