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Coming Soon : iiDebate and American Corner “Magazine”

Very soon, an online Magazine will be launched in collaboration between iiDebate and the American Corner Tunis.

In order to know more about this Magazine, we had this interview with the responsible of the project, Riahi Imen, 20 years old, student and social activist.

«The idea has started when Celeste Koppe the current coordinator of the American Corner Tunis told me about planning for launching a magazine. Consequently , I thought about a collaboration between the AC and IIDebate as I volunteered to be responsible for this great project which will lead to combine with the AC’s and IID’s audience . We began with making a call for applicants to join us. The responses were highly interesting and we had to choose the best of the best that showed a great will to lead this project and idea to success.

We’re currently providing trainings to the team such as journalism’s ethics and writing skills… This magazine will be made by youth to youth. Our main goal is to show the beauty of Tunisia and encourage people to participate in social activism. We believe that youth are the key to development , for this reason , this magazine will be the best place where you can find all topics that matter to youth to enlighten their minds , touch their needs and concerns , suggest solutions and entertain their souls , as it’s a place where you’re welcome to express your mind. Because, we strongly believe that words and ideas can change the world.

This magazine will be launched online on the iiDebate website ( and a printed version as the next step of the project. Stay Tuned for more information about the magazine and next iiDebate projects.

Ahmed Boulares

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Best iiDebate Trainer in March 2017 : Ameni Mathlouthi

The international Institute of Debate would like to give a shout out to Ameni Mathlouthi, the iiDebate Trainer for her dedication and hard work in delivering training sessions on the name of iiDebate association on February and March 2017 on the themes of Social Entrepreneurship, Debating, Communication and soft skills in the middle of the launching campaign of 4C :  Center of Career and Certification of the Competences.


Ameni delivered 4 training sessions starting on February 1st in Tunis – city of science and than in Sousse on February 7th in the ENISO (The engineering school of Sousse ) .In March , she delivered two other trainings , in Bizerte in March 15th and  in Nabeul in March 16 on the Closing ceremony of  4C ‘s national Tour. More than 150 students have benefit from those sessions in order to gain more information about the field of social entrepreneurship and soft skills.

Ameni Mathlouthi said ” 4C gave me such a tremendous opportunity to meet with ambitious university students with creative minds. Giving training sessions in four different regions of the country under different conditions as sometimes a large unexpected number of students join the session and together we spent great time and learned from each others”

Tunis - city of science

 4C & iiDebate Partnership

Since February 1st, 2017, iiDebate participated in the 4C Tour (Center of Career and Certification of the Competences). During six weeks, iiDebate provided training sessions on social entrepreneurship and soft skills in the universities of Tunis, Sousse, Ksar Hlel, Monastir, sfax, Mahdia and Gafsa thanks to the efforts of our Trainers Ameni Mathlouthi, Ali Hamouda, Ala Eddine Boussemaa, Wijden Bel Arbi and Hadyl Saker.

Through this Article, we want to thank all the iiDebate trainers and Alumni who delivered trainings and workshops for the Tunisian Youth in all Tunisia on the name of iiDebate.


 Ahmed Boulares 

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تونسي و نغيّر في بنقردان

نظّم نادي المناظرات ببنقردان يومي 18 و 19 أوت 2016 دورة تدريبيّة بدار الشباب بنقردان ضمن برنامج  تونسي و نغيّر بمشاركة أكثر من 30 شاب و شابة حيث تظمّنت في يومها الأوّل دورة تكوينية حول المهارات الأساسيّة , تقنيات الحوار و المناظرة  كذلك تطوير أفكار المشاريع

أما اليوم الثاني , فقد أنتظمت فيه محاكاة للإنتخابات البلديّة قام خلالها 6 فرق متكوّنة كل منها من 4 شباب بتقديم مشاريعهم الجمعياتية التي تسعى الى تحسين منطقتهم حيث قام كل فريق بتقديم فكرة مشروعه كذلك خطة عمله لتطبيقه و الحملة الاعلامية التي قاموا بيها ثم تمّ فسح المجال للجمهور لطرح أسئلتهم على الفرق المشاركة


 لائحة المشاريع المقدمة

« I build »

« Arts Academy »

« Nahki loughet Ghiri »

« Hi Sac »

« Kafletna »

« Emen bia , khoudh bideya »

وبعد انتهاء المناظرة , توجّه الجمهور الحاضر الى صندوق الاقتراع لاختيار المشروع الفائز وعن نتائج  التصويت فقد فاز بالمركز الاول مشروع

« Hi Sac »

يتوجه  المعهد الدولي للمناظرات بالشكر إلى السيد مدير دار الشباب بنقردان على إستضافته التظاهرة كذلك السيد  نورالدين كشيد رئيس نادي المناظرات ببنقردان و كامل أعضاء النادي على حسن تنظيمهم للتظاهرة