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iiDebate interns in fall of 2017

In November 2017, the international institute of debate has recruited four interns in the communication departement and they worked with us during 3 months , until the end of January 2018 and because within our organization, we always take into consideration the experience that lives our trainees.

In the following our interns will share with you their experiences :

Ahlem Naceur :

I am Ahlem Naceur, a junior student at Tunis business school majoring in marketing with a minor in business analytics. I am in charge of editing all video for iiDebate

During the past two years I managed to become very active within clubs. Also I managed to have a part- time internship within a startup, that experience made me learn more about how to manage time between school and working, managing stressful situations and being successful in both. I participated in TBS MUN where I represented China.  Currently a team leader of ICO_TBS (international cultural organization).

I have been involved into many debates whether during some classes I had or with my friends and I just want to say that the culture of debate changed me in many ways and it gave me the opportunity to discuss different topics and controversial issues in a more civilized way. So علي صوتك


Atef Amri :

Hello! I am Atef Amri. I am 21 years old and I go to Tunis Higher Institute of Languages as an English student. I am a member of the communication team interns. What I do in iiDebate is fundamentally content writing which means covering and writing about the projects and the main events that iiDebate is involved in, in order to give people insight into what we are doing and how we are doing it. Also, I am helping in the creation of a newsletter that will include iidebate’s activities in the last semester that will hopefully be ready by the beginning of 2018. My message to youth is “appreciate the good things around you in life and love yourself. Because if you can’t love yourself, then what’s the point of loving anything or anyone else?”


Manel Ben Sghaier :

I am Manel Ben Sghaier, a student at IHEC Carthage, majoring in Management. I am intern in the International Institute of Debate.

I have been involved into many associations and programs in Tunisia. I joined iiDebate for an internship in November 2017 as a community manger intern (CM) .

The CM is responsible for managing and engaging with the organisations online community, my main job is setting and implementing social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies through providing engaging text, image and video content for social media accounts.

This experience has opened my eyes to new things especially in communication management and also allowed me to exploit my creativity.

I hope that young people in Tunisia be open to any kind of opportunity that can challenge them and step them outside of their comfort zone !


Houssem Neji :

I am housem Neji. I am 24 years old and I am studying multimedia 

I am an intern in international institute of debate. I am a graphic designer and the responsibility of digital marketing for the ‘cafe talk’ page

I urge you to never grow up on your dreams and most of all to work as hard as you can in order to achieve them.



If you are interested in joining a challenging environment don’t hesitate to send your curriculum vitae and a cover letter to

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iiDebate interns in August and September 2k17

During the two months of August and September 2017 , the international institute of debate have recruited three interns from 2 different countries.   

The interns worked with iiDebate team essentially on the new projects implimented by iiDebate this periode which are The african Youth Panel , Follow the law and the iiDebate Hubs “IRC” . In the following our interns will be presenting themselves .

Zeina Balde

I am Zeina Balde from Sénégal , student in Economy and  Managment. I am a social activist who worked in humanitary and leadership projects.

For me life is like a rolling stone every day is a new challenge. I choosed Tunisia because I want to discover a new  culture and and to have new knowledge but above all to help , that ‘s why l joined iiDebate during August and September 2017 for the implimentation of the campaign voices of Africa a project in collaborate with AFRICAN YOUTH PANEL

Mohamed Mnif

I am mohamed mnif, a 24 years old from Sfax ,Tunisia . I obtained this year my licence in Busniess English for ISLN Nabeul . I  did my internship with iidebate in september 2017. I m really greatfull for this experience that made me more and more attached to the profissionel civil work.

Starting from October;  I officially joined IIDEBATE as a staff mamber and I m willing to do more things in my new position as IIDebate IRC Responsable (Innovation & research center) .

I like the environnement here , i like my work , i like IIDEBATE.

Mohamed Taher Mnif

I am mohamed Taher mnif from Tunisia , a 21 years old  and I m a student in  ISG Sfax . I m a social activist from sfax and I worked and volunteered in many clubs and NGO such as  JCI Gremda, Tunivisions club ISGS and Lions Tulip Sfax.

During September 2017, I joined iiDebate for an internship and I worked in the communication departement of the organization and I took care of the communication of the project “FOLLOW THE LAW” . I had the chance to learn new tools and skills in the communication field that may help me in the future


Also you , if you want to join the iidebate team to work in an international environnement and be one of our internes in the next months, just send us an email with your cv and cover letter to

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iiDebate interns summer 2k17


During the summer of 2017 , the international institute of debate have recruited five interns from different countries in the world .   

They worked with the team essentially on the preparation of our summer projects and events. In the following our interns will be presenting themselves .

Vincent :

“Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, I am a Political Science student at the London School of Economics. I chose Tunisia because I am interested in democracy promotion. I have been working on a variety of different projects for Debate, including Creativeness Magazine and the Café Talk competition 2nd edition.” – Vincent Chow


“my name is zeineb kaabi , born and raised in Tunisia , since i was 15 years old i am a social activist , worked on many projects , including iidebate’s projects ,some community work at my school  and i am a painter , artist , book lover , writer , i am adventurous person  and freshmen student . i work in community management in iidebate” – zeineb kaabi



“born in setif in Algeria in aug the 3rd in 1993, i am a nuclear physics student in saad dahleb university , my name is ala and that means “gift of god” in arabic and I m a traveller , sociel activist ,writer and the girl who loves to discover and I m a girl full of dreams. I choosed iiDeate association in tunisia to continue what i started” –  ouguergouz alaa

Imen :

“I m Imen Riahi , an Arab Language, Literature and Civilization student at IPELSHT from Tunisia. I started social activism  in 2012 when I started volunteering with the Tunisian Red Crescent. Currently, I m the “Travel+Social Good Tunis coordinator,  an intern with the International Institute of Debate . My mission in the internship is the management of the “Creativeناس”  magazine; the newest project of the IIDebate in a cooperation with the American Corner.” – Imen Riahi

Mouaadh :

“Mouaadh Souiah , 26 years old from Algeria intern as Graphic Designer in iiDebate , graduated from Badji Mokhtar university Annaba , I love Traveling and getting to know about more cultures , i adore learning other languages and i started founding an annual youth event in Algeria named (open mic event) hoping to spread optimistic thoughts in society and help others to improve their leadership capacities.” – Mouaadh Souiah

Dear reader , if you want to join the iidebate team to work in an international environnement and be one of our internes in the next fall , just send as an email with your cv and cover letter to


– communication Team