interview with Mehdi Rezgui

When you talk to Mehdi, the first thing you will notice is his use of the pronoun “we”, which radiates comfort and curiosity in anyone to hear more about his experience. These are usually the signs of a good leader in which IIDebate is proud to have.
“Mehdi Rezgui” is a Fulbright Teaching Assistant at Wesleyan University; he is pursuing education studies and government. He was a project coordinator within the founding team of IRC ISLT and then took on the position of coordinator. At a later stage, he joined the national board and became the co-founder and project coordinator of Drabzeen Academy.
IRC idea:
The notion of the IRC started in late 2017; it was a spontaneous idea when some students attended an event organized by IIDebate and decided to establish an IRC in their university “Attending events is one of the most important things that we should do because they help us take the initiative in our community,” Mehdi said
Little by little, the EB gathered as well as the departments, members, and they set their strategy and started working on it.
Ups & downs:
2018 was a special year, the IRC got to know each other more and more and they had many challenges. There were events, interviews and many other interesting opportunities so eventually, the space for conflict manifested itself. Additionally, it was challenging to synchronize between members, increase their motivation and deliver a great experience to them.
During that year, there was a lack of communication between the EB members but despite the crisis, the projects weren’t affected. Some members of the EB had conflicting visions and their attempts to implement their views resulted in conflicts pushing some of them to leave the IRC “I think this is legitimate for ambitious students/activists who want to make a change in their community” he added
They succeeded in achieving their strategy with events and projects and they learned a lot about the things they should have avoided. At the same time, the members had the chance to be part of the decision-making process.
“One of the things that you learn at IIDebate is the ability to analyze the situation and not jump into decisions quickly, at the same time the ability of ensuring things go perfectly regardless of all the obstacles and conflicts that might face you”
In 2018 Mehdi learned numerous things, he had the chance to know young people with great potential and he believes more that youth and ISLT students particularly should be the investment of Tunisia.

Personal experience:
Mehdi mentioned that was lucky enough to live this experience, IIDebate gave him the clarity that he needed at that specific period and it made him discover himself and his skills more because generally in Tunisia there are not enough associations that support youth and IIDebate was a space to light his path and help him build his future”.
In Conclusion:
“IIDebate empowers youth and strives to make every young person active in their community; it’s also an opportunity to learn new things and to make a positive impact in their society. The thing that I truly like in IIDebate is the way they tolerate mistakes and make youth believe that they have to accept the fact that they can make mistakes at any moment and be a part of the decision-making process” this is how Mehdi ended his interview wishing best of luck to the whole family of IIDebate.


By Oumaima Haikel

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