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the project  خليني نختار

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Our future 855 graduates and 240 students from eight regions have had the opportunity to come into direct contact with our 40 exhibitors and 30 professionals from different sectors such as medicine, business, engineering,technology…

To enrich the agenda and conclude the day, two conferences took place. The first conference focused on the theme of orientation in Tunisia; a guidance counselor Ministry took care to explain the various options available to young people during their school life, and evoking the close relationship between the current referral system and employability Tunisia.

The second conference aimed to inspire our young Tunisians through a series of 9 success stories we can mention: Mr. Mohamed Bridaa Microsoft CEO, Mr. Amine chouaib Director of Chifco, Miss Dorra Mahbouli Co-Founder Tunis Peace Innovation Lab, Mr. Majdi Semiri a Tunisian producer and actor, Miss Ons Jabeur Tunisian Tennis champion, Miss Rim Saaidia a radio host, the youngest speaker, a high school student, Iyed Hamadi … moderated by Ms Zeineb Melki a radio host. 150 delegates were pleased to consider the different backgrounds of these celebrities and ask them all sorts of useful tips for their future careers.

Given the success that met “Khallini Ne5tar” in its first edition, “The International Institute of debate” decides to take the initiative and start the project in its second edition to expand the target area in the Tunisian territory and best surround young for a better future.

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The project « Khallini Ne5tar » is a project launched by « The International Institute of Debate » in partnership with the « british council » and in collaboration with « edupartage », « tounes ta3mal », « INJAZ Tunisie » and « Young arab voices ».

Lasted for three months, starting from January 2014, more than 550 high school students from 8 regions across the Tunisian territory namely Bizerte, Sfax, Mahdia, Nabeul, Gabes, Gafsa, Sousse and Tunis large have benefited from this program

Throughout this period, these young students have taken courses suited to their potential; an information session concerning the project, a meeting with counselors following a psychometric test called “Tamheed” of the platform “Tounes ta3mal» and in the end an entrepreneurship and a communication trainings.

To better connect with young people and in order to acheive the goals of the project, an event (held in March 21th at the “Palais des congrès de Tunis”) took place offering the opportunity to high school students to meet with universities, training centers, companies, centers of study abroad, language centers, associations and any entity dedicated to consulting and coaching.

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“The international train the trainers”

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It was a project held by the International Institute of Debate in partnership with the British Council, Young Arab Voice, TAMSS (Tunisian Association for Management & Social Stability), IDEA (International Debate Education Association) and AIESEC. This project gathered more than 40 young leaders coming from different countries as: Algeria, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom and Tunisia. The Aim of this project is to improve and develop the skills of the participants in communication and leadership in order to become a future decision maker and to inspire there communities in their respective countries. The training was held in Bizerte for 4 days led by 7 international and national trainers coming from Tunisia and Algeria. This training helped the participants in the beginning to know there competences and capacities in public speaking and communication skills. Then the trainers gave them advices and tools to improve their competences in those areas. After that debate training was held for a day by the Yong Arab Voices program Officer Hamza Kaabar who gave them some of the debate technics and the different formats that can be used for a public debate. In the end of this training stimulation of different debates related to social issues took place where the participants got the chance to understand the importance of communication and especially the critical thinking. After the training, 60% of the participants took a leadership position in the NGOs that they are part of and they become more passionate by delivering debate trainings and some of them started a debate club in their universities.