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L’école à l’hôpital – The school at the hospital

The school at the hospital” is one of the projects supported by the “Tounsi w nghayer” program that have been recently launched in Salah Azaiez hospital with the help of the ministry of health and the ministry of education.

Ghada Abbas, the 21 year old from Ariana, had this idea of establishing a school in the pediatric department in hospitals for children staying for a long time. With the help of the hospital’s administration, Ghada’s team will equip a classroom inside the hospital with books and stationary, then bring professors volunteering to teach the patients of all academic levels and organizing monthly cultural events for them.

The idea of this project was simple but innovative and had a great potential to make a big change in the lives of those children

Ghada has suffered at the age of 8 from an illness that kept her in the hospital and away from school for a long time. That’s why she wants to give the children, deprived from school, the chance to pursue their education despite their diseases and their stay in the hospital.


The implementation of the idea has began in October 2015, in The Higher Institute of Information Technology and Communication (ISTIC) in Borj Cedria, during the entrepreneurship class, when Ghada and a group of her colleagues, began their first step in the project by contacting the ministries for permissions to enter to the hospitals but, they found a lot of administrative obstacles. So they doubted themselves and began to give up on the whole idea.

But this wasn’t the end of the story, with the beginning of the application for “Tounsi w nghayer” program in February 2016, Ghada took the chance and applied to be part of it.


Ghada and her teammates were accepted in the program and have benefited of several trainings in business plan writing, online communication, campaigning, sponsorship and project pitching. Thanks to this experience, they were ready for their first activity by April 2016.

Under the umbrella of the International Institute of Debate and in cooperation with “Ismaani” association, they organized a cultural event on April 23rd in a classroom in the hospital of Charles Nicole for more than 20 children. They decorated it, donated a lot of books and games to the children and organized a reading and writing session as well.

the kapitalis.com online magazine has written about the initiative :

the link of the Facebook event :


The school at the hospital” project went through all the steps of “Tounsi w nghayer” program from the trainings, the Mentoring, to the regional election simulation and now has the support of IIDebate to make it happen.


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