IIDebate Tunisian Tournement

The International Institute of Debate has organized on  Sunday April 17th, 2016, the first edition of the IIDebate Tunisian Tournament in partnership with Avicenne Private  Business School .

This tournament  was intiated by  The international Institute of Debate  and funded by MEPI and aims to encourage all university and high school students who are interested in debate to develop their skills and gain more experience in this field.

This  one-day event of debate under the Mace Format  has gathered more than 40 youth  from many universities, high schools and youth organizations  and was divided in 8 teams  to compete in debates in English.


The motions of the debates  were focused  around several topics such as media, the foreign policy of Tunisia, social media affects in the society , plastic bags banning and its risks on the environment among other topics.

The competition ended with the awarding  of YES_Alumni team with the championship after winning the final debate against the MSB team (Mediterranean School of Business) with the following motion  « This house believes that decentralization is the solution for the success of the democtratic transition in Tunisia. »

The debaters have expressed their happiness to participate in this event and their satisfaction with the organization of the event hoping to see a wider participation of young people interested in debates in the next edition of the tournement and to include more people from all over the country.

The International Institute of Debate also thanked all the adjudicators,  moderators and volunteers who contributed to the success of the first edition of the ” International Institute of Debate Tunisian Tournament.”