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iiDebate : the future representative of YFU in North Africa

Between 15th and 20th of March 2017, the iiDebate Executive member Houssem Kaabi represented the international institute of debate in the AFRICA’S Youth for Understanding Summit held in the city of Cape Town, in South Africa in order to prepare the strategic roadmap to make the YFU Africa Initiative happen.

Highlight of the AFRICA’S Youth for Understanding Summit

Cape Town, Hotel Strand, South Africa, 16 March 2017 — AFRICA’S Youth for Understanding Summit was a unique opportunity which featured representatives from multiple stakeholders and potentials partners of Youth For Understanding Organization in order to:

  • Identify partners for YFU for Africa Youth Leadership and launch of the YFU Africa Initiative
  • prepare a YFU Africa Contact Group based on 4 main Hubs
  • Agree for a common strategic roadmap in order to make the YFU Africa Initiative happen.

Stressing out the importance in investing in African youth, the amazing YFU international chair, Mr. Claudio ENGGIST along with Mr. Hans, Vice Chair of YFU South Africa, kick off the Summit. Presenting the main guests and the key objectives from the conference with detailed agenda.

With an outstanding and relevant introduction from the guests, the amazing Prof Mr. Brain FIGAJI, a passionate community leader who played an important role in the transformation of South Africa over the past twenty years, youth representative on the National Scout Council and serves as South Africa’s representative on the Executive Board of UNESCO, took the floor to start the first session “Fostering active global citizenship through youth exchange”, with very inspirational speech where he remind the key Mission of YFU (intercultural exchange tied with mutual respect mixed with social responsibility).

Followed shortly with the realistic diagnosis from Mr. Yousuf GABRU, South African National Commission for UNESCO, where he focus on the Social Developments Goals and presenting the framework of UNESCO and especially the forth one: Education. He divided new education vision into two main sections: Direct through global citizenship and Indirect through sustainable education demonstrating the key role of exchange in the both section.

The Second session, highlight the “Our ambitions for Africa’s youth as global citizens” at the ministerial level, with brave speech from honorable Dr Itah KANDJII-MURANGI, Minister Higher Education of Namibia and the outstanding and lovely Mrs. Bendu HOLDER ROGERS, National Director YFU Liberia and advisor for candidate for the Liberian presidential elections. Finishing the morning sessions with African Youth voice, Mme. Caroline Oshwaba, a representative of Action for Youth Development, A civil Society Organization based in Uganda.

The second part of the day was focused on brainstorming session using Business Canvas Model focusing on the key following points: partnershipactivitiesresourceschannels and funding. Divided in two sub-sections to answer these points, the interaction, debate and outcome were very productive and effective. The closing of the day was presenting this outcome along with the Chart which will be adopted by YFU international to initiate the African YFU initiative.

iiDebate the future representative of  YFU in North Africa

The International Institute of Debate presents an interesting partner to relay on in these levels and could be the hub for North Africa. Since the youth organization is working on engaging youth leaders to influence the positive change in their respective communities, the YFU initiative present a great opportunity which fit perfectly with IIDebate vision and objectives.

Stay Tuned for more projects and initiatives from the cooperation IIDebate-YFU under the African YFU initiative.

Ahmed Boulares

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