iiDebate Internship Program allows students, postgraduates, or early-career individuals from Tunisia or residents in Tunisia an opportunity to improve their skills, enhance their experience, and learn about iiDebate work and its activities.

Interns will work at the iiDebate office in LA MARSA 68 rue de l’or “Urban Center” zone Industrielle la Marsa 2046 Sidi Daoued

Objectives: The individual will gain experience and knowledge in operations while the iiDebate Secretariat will benefit through the presence of an additional professional and his/her capacity and knowledge.

Nature of the Internship: Under the supervision of the Executive iiDebate team, fellows will work on project(s) at the Secretariat relevant to their professional interests, scholarship programs, and development needs.

Period of the Internship: For a period of a minimum of 4 (four) months that can go to 6 months.
Qualifications of candidates Applicants must be a freshly graduated or with minimum experience in Tunisia (Tunis) The candidates should have good spoken and written command of the English & Arabic language, strong computer knowledge, and demonstrated personal initiative.

Meet our previous fellow from Bahrain:

Available Positions


  • In charge of the space (our office in La Marsa Sidi Doued) for the training programs, clubs management, teachers/trainers management
  • Data-base management of our beneficiaries
  • Preparing events, writing activity reports, and supporting the events when it’s held in our office
  • Design new ideas for our office and make sure it’s ready every day before we start our trainings & activities
  • Providing the members their membership cards, collect the membership fees, …
  • Spokesperson of the space
  • Establishment of a database of all beneficiaries (from the attendance list, updating the database of the association)
  • Organization of supplier invoices and payment methods in collaboration with our financial and accounting manager
  • Help the team to contact the beneficiaries and Report on the meetings, some activities as needed


Objectives of this role

  • Promote awareness of the organization’s mission and work
  • Cultivate a network of dedicated donors and volunteers
  • Spot new fundraising opportunities
  • Plan fundraising initiatives to help the organization meet financial goals
  • Form strong relationships with external stakeholders
  • Ensure major donors are satisfied and kept in the loop


  • Research individuals, corporations, and foundations that are interested in SUPPORTING
  • Effectively convey the organization’s mission, vision, and programs to potential donors
  • Write grant applications and fundraising proposals
  • Strategize and successfully execute fundraising campaigns
  • Organize fundraising events while overseeing teams of volunteers
  • Manage a budget and track whether goals are being met


Assist in the planning and coordination of project tasks and timelines
Help with research and data gathering for projects
Assist in the creation of project-related documents such as project plans, status reports, and meeting minutes
Help with scheduling and coordinating meetings and conference calls
Assist in the management of project budgets and expenses
Help with tracking project progress and identifying potential issues
Assist in the presentation of project progress and results to stakeholders
Help with the development and maintenance of project management tools and templates
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure project success
Project Assistant Requirements:

Please apply to fill out this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/1/d/e/1FAIpQLSei7wYar21loXkT4VcHt-hXEcEEsVrHNgR96FDTah64i244-A/viewformhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScLh6XS9ba_ia2MX4CqkUwy5IfnwARVZIxazvUkPblcw65kwg/viewform

Deadline to apply is 10 June 2023 at 5 PM

The internship starts from June 2023

30 hours a week

Each intern will receive an indemnity of internship each month of 150 TND / month

No need to a professional previous experience but previous volunteer work within a civil society organization is a must

Contract of SIV is possible