IIDebate and YFU are pleased to announce the application for teh second edition of the  virtual exchange program between Tunisia and USA.

We are recruiting 100 young Tunisian students between 14 to 20 years old, who want to live a new experience with international students from all over the world from september to December 2017 and have access to a 4-month free and on-line education with more than 1000 international students. At the end of the courses, all the successful candidates will get a certificate from Youth for Understanding U.S.A and IIDebate

This is your opportunity to take part in this program and it’s free of charge.

About the exchange program:

Founded in 1951 to offer the world a new beginning after the devastation of World War II, YFU has been altering perceptions one person at a time through a core program that offers high school students the opportunity to spend up to a year living and studying abroad. Aside from their marriages and the births of their children, YFU alumni cite their time as international exchange students as the most important moment of their lives. Passionate belief in the benefits of intercultural exchange inspires us now to make the model stronger still – and extend it to meet the needs and aspirations of people who may never be able to participate in a traditional exchange.

Technology has made the world more connected than when YFU was founded by Dr Andresen 65 years ago .By removing barriers to participation of traditional in-person exchanges, the YFU Virtual Exchange Initiative is helping to close a very real gap – building cross-cultural bridges of understanding amongst individuals who might never travel past the borders of their home communities. Inspired today to continue the legacy of our founder, YFU is taking action to illuminate the pathway to intercultural understanding through a 21st century network of light.

Why Virtual?

Promoting a sense of common humanity, and reinventing the intercultural exchange movement for the new age, YFU
invites global education partners to interact in a dynamic virtual forum in which participants examine modern society
while building global competencies and 21st century skills. Through online exchanges, utilizing messages, images, videos,
and other media, students are provided opportunities to engage in cross-cultural discussions that may lead to increased
appreciation of differences, embraced similarities, and greater awareness of self and one’s international counterparts.

To learn more visit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4MvDoi73vTwakl1MW14R2IwdnM/view?usp=sharing


– High school student between 14 to 20 years old
– Enrolled in a Tunisian high schools
– Aiming to live a multicultural experience
– Have a minimum background in English (Writing + Reading)

Deadline of the application September 17th, 2017