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IIDebate is an organization open to the public. Any Tunisian or foreign individuals wishing to join our network can send us their CV and a letter of request destined to the attention of the director of the organization to the email address: info@iidebate.org

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We offer training on communication and debate skills. Indeed, we organize:

– Training of trainers for those who want to become trainers.

– Training in communication and public speaking to youth who want to improve and develop their skills in these areas.

– Training on debate technics for young people wanting to take part of our competitions.

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To benefit from our training, simply send your request to our email address info@iidebate.org specifying the date and place of the training, number of persons and a description of their profiles.

We will process your request within 48 hours.

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– A group of young composed of 10 persons aged between 12-30 years

– Universities wishing to integrate into their curricula, the training materials that we possess.

– Associations and clubs wanting to improve the skills of their members in communication and debate.

– Companies wishing to offer training sessions to their employees in order to improve internal communication between them and to develop sales technics and negotiation skills.

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Persons wishing to create debate clubs within their institutions can send their requests to our email address:


while specifying the following information:

– Name of the club coordinator – The institution where the club will be established and its agreement.

– Number of people wishing to join the club, we will plan a training of trainers for the team that will be in charge of the club. These people should have facilitating experience.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”How we choose our projects?”]

The International Institute Debate launch these projects based on social issues for each region and each country.

During the debate tournaments, motions are related to social issue and the debaters suggest solutions and projects in order to solve those issues.

We are open to any suggestions for projects relating to education by sending us your proposal to our email info@iidebate.org.

The application must contain a description of the problem and its source, a description of your project and the expected results. We will schedule an appointment within 72 hours.