Drabzeen Academy Tunisia: Opening Ceremony

Since the willingness to change is generally induced by a specific lacuna within a particular system, the International Institute of Debate initiated the Drabzeen Academy Tunisia project in order to improve the learning experience, and therefore quality education in Tunisia. As a matter of fact, cultivating a generation that is active in the social and political life can never be achieved without the introduction of different and more efficient, inclusive approaches and practices in the capacity building of youth around the country. Capacity building, which is the process by which individuals and organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources needed to perform better, is a key objective that will be reinforced through the gathering of several partners who are contributing with their expertise and services.

Within Drabzeen Academy, iiDebate is collaborating with MitOst, which is an independent, non-governmental organization that promotes cultural exchange and active citizenship in Europe and its neighboring regions. They are providing their know-how, training tools and manuals to iiDebate’s facilitators in order for youth to benefit from an original and cross-cultural content within a very interactive facilitation method. In addition, iiDebate is partnering with Soliya, an international nonprofit organization that aims at preparing the next generation with the skills, attitudes, and commitment to engage with difference constructively. Soliya is providing our beneficiaries with diverse certified courses and programs known as Connect Program and Facilitation Training Program. Finally yet importantly, The University of Carthage is a major beneficiary from this project and a major contributor to its outreach.

Moving further into details, the Academy provides trainings for different target groups including civil society, institutions, and youth depending on their needs. These trainings include debating, public speaking, Initiation to project management, civic engagement and languages for communication. Therefore, iiDebate trained 20 facilitators on facilitation and training techniques. These facilitators are currently delivering a variety of trainings in different regions of the country voluntarily. Clubs, associations and youth who are interested to be trained on the aforesaid areas of focus can contact iiDebate for further details.

On a different spectrum, on the fifth of Mai, iiDebate has launched its new center located in Tunis. The opening was an occasion to introduce the Academy’s vision, services and new facilities. The Academy offers a variety of courses including Introduction to Public Speaking Course, which is an introduction to speech communication that emphasizes the practical skill of public speaking such as techniques to lessen speaker anxiety, and the use of visual aids to enhance speaker presentations. Its goal is to prepare students for success in typical public speaking situations and to provide them with the basic principles of organization and research needed for effective speeches. Another course is Initiation to Project Management through which participants discover the project life cycle and learn how to build a successful project from pre-implementation to completion. This course will introduce project management modules such as Ideation, Planning, Time management and Fundraising.

Furthermore, the Academy offers the Initiation to Civic Engagement Course that focuses on understanding civic engagement and social change in a global and the Tunisian context. It inspects the visions and roles of the nonprofit and civil society sector in taking effective civic action on key public issues, social justice and democratic governance. It also endeavors to prepare youth for civic engagement through explaining some key social and political practices in Tunisia and the Arab world. Other courses include English for Communication Course that focuses on speaking and listening skills to ensure effective verbal communication and Arabic for Communication Course presenting topical useful and stimulating exercises to get participants to use the Arabic language to converse.

The other Academy’s services include a Co-working spaceBeehive” that provides Drabzeen’s adherents a flexible and friendly environment to learn, cogitate and debate. Some trainings, café-talks and events will be organized in this space in order to diversify the learning strategies and outcomes. Also, One-on-One Coaching as a way to improve youth’s capacities and skills in order for them to progress individually on one level and to contribute to a better community activism on another level. Finally, Public Events will be regularly organized  in order to enlarge the Academy’s outreach and beneficiaries, for instance cine talk ,public debates, movie screening , panels and conferences are to be scheduled soon.

To conclude, the Academy is the opportunity for youth to get ready and equipped to be active in their communities and to develop their skills and competencies within an out-of-the-box environment.

For more information you can contact: drabzeen@iidebate.org

For registration with Drabzeen Academy Tunisia please follow this link.


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