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Humans of IIDebate – Welcome Ameni


“Hi my name is Ameni and I am here to gladly share with you a little bit about myself. Some of you might wonder why I haven’t mentioned my age, well let’s just say that since I got to my twenties I have been feeling very old and that whatever I do is never enough to satisfy my ambitions and dreams.

This year, right after I got my Bachelor degree in Management I have decided to look for a job. A few weeks later, I applied as a Fellow at IIDebate on a project called “Youth Talk”.

I’ve only been here for a little less than 2 months, and I can already tell that some of the staff members are very diligent, inspiring, and extremely ambitious, especially Iyed! He has the biggest heart and he is very respectful. He is also one of the most qualified, intelligent people I have ever met. I really appreciate the fact that I can always ask him for help and he doesn’t feel bothered. He is my ray of sunshine in the office.

Most of you don’t know me yet, but I love to laugh and I am a very positive and optimistic person. When I am not working, I enjoy good books, watching movies and soccer. However, what I enjoy most and consider as a hobby is Photography, especially portrait photography. Once you get to know me, you will realize that I am such a hardworking and determined person. I believe that I have a lot of potential and I wish to achieve as many things as possible in life which sometimes makes me feel despondent and always wanting to do more.

Nevertheless, no matter how stressful and intense it might get at work, I am always that bundle of energy and joy. I know that it can get annoying sometimes, but I make it my daily goal to spread good vibes everywhere I go.

By now you might wonder, what inspires me to be active in Civil Society and work at an NGO? Well, during the Jasmine Revolution I had the chance to really understand the main issues that we faced in Tunisia. I then realized that I needed to be part of the change, and I have been very active and making various contributions to help and develop my community and my country.

To Conclude, Freedom is extremely important and essential, especially the Freedom of expression and speech. And if I were to give young people everywhere a piece of advice is to “just be yourselves and to do what your heart truly desires, for the world will conspire to help you fulfill it. Just do you!”

At the end, this is me and I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about my life adventure.”


You haven’t had enough of Ameni? Here is more:


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iiDebate interns in fall of 2017

In November 2017, the international institute of debate has recruited four interns in the communication departement and they worked with us during 3 months , until the end of January 2018 and because within our organization, we always take into consideration the experience that lives our trainees.

In the following our interns will share with you their experiences :

Ahlem Naceur :

I am Ahlem Naceur, a junior student at Tunis business school majoring in marketing with a minor in business analytics. I am in charge of editing all video for iiDebate

During the past two years I managed to become very active within clubs. Also I managed to have a part- time internship within a startup, that experience made me learn more about how to manage time between school and working, managing stressful situations and being successful in both. I participated in TBS MUN where I represented China.  Currently a team leader of ICO_TBS (international cultural organization).

I have been involved into many debates whether during some classes I had or with my friends and I just want to say that the culture of debate changed me in many ways and it gave me the opportunity to discuss different topics and controversial issues in a more civilized way. So علي صوتك


Atef Amri :

Hello! I am Atef Amri. I am 21 years old and I go to Tunis Higher Institute of Languages as an English student. I am a member of the communication team interns. What I do in iiDebate is fundamentally content writing which means covering and writing about the projects and the main events that iiDebate is involved in, in order to give people insight into what we are doing and how we are doing it. Also, I am helping in the creation of a newsletter that will include iidebate’s activities in the last semester that will hopefully be ready by the beginning of 2018. My message to youth is “appreciate the good things around you in life and love yourself. Because if you can’t love yourself, then what’s the point of loving anything or anyone else?”


Manel Ben Sghaier :

I am Manel Ben Sghaier, a student at IHEC Carthage, majoring in Management. I am intern in the International Institute of Debate.

I have been involved into many associations and programs in Tunisia. I joined iiDebate for an internship in November 2017 as a community manger intern (CM) .

The CM is responsible for managing and engaging with the organisations online community, my main job is setting and implementing social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies through providing engaging text, image and video content for social media accounts.

This experience has opened my eyes to new things especially in communication management and also allowed me to exploit my creativity.

I hope that young people in Tunisia be open to any kind of opportunity that can challenge them and step them outside of their comfort zone !


Houssem Neji :

I am housem Neji. I am 24 years old and I am studying multimedia 

I am an intern in international institute of debate. I am a graphic designer and the responsibility of digital marketing for the ‘cafe talk’ page

I urge you to never grow up on your dreams and most of all to work as hard as you can in order to achieve them.



If you are interested in joining a challenging environment don’t hesitate to send your curriculum vitae and a cover letter to info@iidebate.org

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iiDebate interns summer 2k17


During the summer of 2017 , the international institute of debate have recruited five interns from different countries in the world .   

They worked with the team essentially on the preparation of our summer projects and events. In the following our interns will be presenting themselves .

Vincent :

“Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, I am a Political Science student at the London School of Economics. I chose Tunisia because I am interested in democracy promotion. I have been working on a variety of different projects for Debate, including Creativeness Magazine and the Café Talk competition 2nd edition.” – Vincent Chow


“my name is zeineb kaabi , born and raised in Tunisia , since i was 15 years old i am a social activist , worked on many projects , including iidebate’s projects ,some community work at my school  and i am a painter , artist , book lover , writer , i am adventurous person  and freshmen student . i work in community management in iidebate” – zeineb kaabi



“born in setif in Algeria in aug the 3rd in 1993, i am a nuclear physics student in saad dahleb university , my name is ala and that means “gift of god” in arabic and I m a traveller , sociel activist ,writer and the girl who loves to discover and I m a girl full of dreams. I choosed iiDeate association in tunisia to continue what i started” –  ouguergouz alaa

Imen :

“I m Imen Riahi , an Arab Language, Literature and Civilization student at IPELSHT from Tunisia. I started social activism  in 2012 when I started volunteering with the Tunisian Red Crescent. Currently, I m the “Travel+Social Good Tunis coordinator,  an intern with the International Institute of Debate . My mission in the internship is the management of the “Creativeناس”  magazine; the newest project of the IIDebate in a cooperation with the American Corner.” – Imen Riahi

Mouaadh :

“Mouaadh Souiah , 26 years old from Algeria intern as Graphic Designer in iiDebate , graduated from Badji Mokhtar university Annaba , I love Traveling and getting to know about more cultures , i adore learning other languages and i started founding an annual youth event in Algeria named (open mic event) hoping to spread optimistic thoughts in society and help others to improve their leadership capacities.” – Mouaadh Souiah

Dear reader , if you want to join the iidebate team to work in an international environnement and be one of our internes in the next fall , just send as an email with your cv and cover letter to info@iidebate.org


– communication Team

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Cafe Talk competition second edition

This week, the second edition of the Cafe Talk competition will start off, with the participation of 10 teams representing 10 states: Kasserine, Gafsa, Sousse, Monastir, Nabeul, Tunisia, Ariana, Sfax, Gabes and Medenine, and will last for 3 months June, July and August 2017.

What is new in this edition is the partnership signed between IIDebate and the Tunivisions Foundation, which will allow the Tunivisions clubs in the respective states to participate exclusively in this edition

As for the theme of the second edition of the Cafe Talk competition, it will be about the phenomenon of “violence against women” in Tunisia due to the spread of this fact in our society and the failure of all parties to find solutions for the protection of women. So iiDebate and Café Talk team has choosen this phenomenon to be the topic of the second edition of the competition in order to come up with simple and realistic solutions where the 10 teams will organize 5 cafe talks each on the following topics:

Women in the political scene between absent and marginalized

– Rural women between marginalization and discrimination

– Violence against women inside  the family

– Role of legislators and civil society in reducing violence against women

– Women victims of sexual harassment in Public transportation

Then the  teams will come up with project ideas that represent their own solutions to the problem of “violence against women” in Tunisia and compete with the rest of the teams to win the prize money to finance their project.

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Best iiDebate Trainer in March 2017 : Ameni Mathlouthi

The international Institute of Debate would like to give a shout out to Ameni Mathlouthi, the iiDebate Trainer for her dedication and hard work in delivering training sessions on the name of iiDebate association on February and March 2017 on the themes of Social Entrepreneurship, Debating, Communication and soft skills in the middle of the launching campaign of 4C :  Center of Career and Certification of the Competences.


Ameni delivered 4 training sessions starting on February 1st in Tunis – city of science and than in Sousse on February 7th in the ENISO (The engineering school of Sousse ) .In March , she delivered two other trainings , in Bizerte in March 15th and  in Nabeul in March 16 on the Closing ceremony of  4C ‘s national Tour. More than 150 students have benefit from those sessions in order to gain more information about the field of social entrepreneurship and soft skills.

Ameni Mathlouthi said ” 4C gave me such a tremendous opportunity to meet with ambitious university students with creative minds. Giving training sessions in four different regions of the country under different conditions as sometimes a large unexpected number of students join the session and together we spent great time and learned from each others”

Tunis - city of science

 4C & iiDebate Partnership

Since February 1st, 2017, iiDebate participated in the 4C Tour (Center of Career and Certification of the Competences). During six weeks, iiDebate provided training sessions on social entrepreneurship and soft skills in the universities of Tunis, Sousse, Ksar Hlel, Monastir, sfax, Mahdia and Gafsa thanks to the efforts of our Trainers Ameni Mathlouthi, Ali Hamouda, Ala Eddine Boussemaa, Wijden Bel Arbi and Hadyl Saker.

Through this Article, we want to thank all the iiDebate trainers and Alumni who delivered trainings and workshops for the Tunisian Youth in all Tunisia on the name of iiDebate.


 Ahmed Boulares 

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iiDebate Newsletter February 2017

Dear iiDebate followers, through this article , iiDebate communication Department would like to introduce you to our first Newsletter 2017. It will summarize our activities during the month of February 2017. In addition, we will provide you with a brief introduction to our new projects, partnerships , Trainings and iiD chapters updates.

Here you can download the iiDebate Newsletter February 2017


How to relax and become more inteligent at the same time?

Ten simple ways to relax and become more intelligent at the same time

We all know how important it is to exercise our bodies. But not everyone is aware that it’s actually just as crucial to provide our brains with regular training as well. The simplest way to develop your memory, attention skills, and willpower is simply to start learning about something. But, of course, finding the time every day for this is not always easy.

But don’t worry — we at IIDebate are going to show you that even when you’re relaxing, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your mental abilities.
















International Youth Day : The Road to 2030

International Youth Day aims at reminding the world of the cultural and legal issues surrounding youth across the globe. In recognizing then analyzing these problems, we may be leading the way towards the betterment of world youth conditions.

Young people need to feel empowered to make a real contribution as citizens. By being encouraged to actively engage in their communities, they would feel more responsible and would strive to bring forth a significant addition into the development and the well-being of society.

Youth of the World

An emerging recognition of youth potential that lacks institutional support


The global youth experience revealed that youth exclusion from the public life militated against their best interest. Actively engaging in dialogue with the younger generation is primordial for the creation of stronger nations.

The world is home to 1.8 million young people. A generation growing faster  in poor countries , a generation of 600 million adolescent girls with urgent needs  and potentially-broken dreams.

In order for youth aspirations to survive, nations should foster youth development by ensuring that they are actively engaged in the different activities offered by civil society . Their participation is an accentuation of their importance as free, dignified citizens.

The common understanding that youth lack the maturity to think and the will to act is erroneous

Youth opinion , is a fresh, different and most importantly a conscious perspective that should be taken into consideration by decision-makers for societies to emerge from global issues such as poverty, discrimination and  illiteracy .


A growing engagement and a fuller civic maturity.


In a post-revolutionary Tunisia where new civil liberties are acquired, youth are standing at the forefront of social change. With a decrease of youth inactivity (World Bank Report), the prospects for Tunisia are promising.

The boom of associations that Tunisia witnessed after 2011 is highly revealing of the significant transition as experienced by Tunisian people . There is a growing interest in joining and initiating civic organisms and a larger desire to be heard and acknowledged.

As Tunisian people, we came to the understanding that youth participation must lie at the centre of the creation of policies for youth.

Yet, the inclusion of Tunisian youth in the civic sphere remains an unfinished project  and it is due on one hand, to the lack of the institutional channels necessary to effectively participate in public life  and on the other hand, the mistrust towards associations that inhibits civic engagement.

We asked youth how they feel being young in Tunisia and how would they rate the importance of youth participation in the public life.