Tunsie: Appel à candidature pour des bourses d’études au Japon pour l’année 2019

L’Ambassade du Japon en Tunisie annonce l’ouverture de la candidature aux bourses d’études au Japon pour l’année 2019, offerte par le Ministère de l’Education, de la Culture, des Sports, des Sciences et de la Technologie du Japon (MONBUKAGAKUSHO- MEXT) au profit des élèves et étudiants tunisiens qui désirent étudier dans les collèges technologiques et universités japonaises.

Deux catégories de bourses sont mises à la disposition des candidats :

  • Une intitulée “College of Technology students” destinée aux élèves ou étudiants ayant un baccalauréat ou qui sont en train de terminer leurs études secondaires.
  • La deuxième catégorie est destinée aux étudiants ayant un diplôme universitaire et veulent accomplir un master ou un doctorat au Japon et ce, dans le cadre du programme intitulé “Research students”.

Les dossiers de candidature sont disponibles sur la page Facebook et le site web de l’Ambassade du Japon. Le dernier délai pour le dépôt des candidatures est fixé au vendredi 18 mai 2018 (inclus).




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 Call for Applications – Youth Exchange Programme 2018: “Migration Across EU – MENA Region: New Perspective, New Understanding

Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI), Swedish Instiute in Alexandria, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are inviting young people from the region (EU-MENA) to apply for a five-day regional forum addressing “Migration Across MENA-EU Regions”

How to Apply:

Documents required for applying (Only complete application packages will be accepted): all the below should be sent in one email with all the documents attachment

1- Your application form, can be downloaded Here

2- Your CV (no more than 2 pages)

3- Biography (One paragraph in Third Person Format + a recent picture JPG), form can be download Here

4- Letter of motivation, explaining in 500 words why you think you should be invited to this event given your current position and how will this event contribute to your professional development or engagement on the topic, what do you expect to learn during the forum.


please send us your application before 31st of March, 2018 to the following email: applications@swedalex.org

Documents required after receiving acceptance email: Will be sent to you in case you are selected. We will only contact selected Applicants

Contact Information sheet (Email / Phone number / Address / Nearest Airport)


Migration is a common phenomenon for the MENA – EU region. The Mediterranean Sea was and still is a corridor for migration, Perceptions of it has always changed along with time given the economic and social realities. Migration changed our lives and it is part of life itself in the case of Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

EU – MENA is a region in which diversity has always been the norm. Migration is significantly contributing to coexistence in the region, that is why gathering youth from the region in Alexandria is extremely timely and needed to better realize a new way of looking at it with a new perspective.

Simultaneously, there are gaps of different kinds when looking at the issue of migration; there is a demographic gap – the population in the MENA region is increasing at significant rates, contrary; European countries generally experience low birth rates and aging population.

Another impactful gap manifests itself in the age-group classification. Due to various reasons related to healthcare services, life expectancy and fertility rate variations, the working population in the MENA region comprises a majority as opposed to Europe. Youth, in other words are becoming the most valuable asset in today’s changing economy. Whether within the borders of states, transnational, or across the Mediterranean, youth mobility is a decisive factor in mutual economic flourishing of the Euro-Mediterranean space.

But even employability trends are changing with hastening switch toward robotization and automation. Jobs would potentially disappear and others would suffer tremendous shortages. Yet, youth in the MENA region move for diverse push and pull factors that stem from the continuously evolving socio-economic and political changes. Another factor is climate migration; this is due to increasing climate change impacts in the region both in the global south but also in the north.

Youth Exchange Programme 2018 aims to address the regional phenomena of migration based on the role of youth in conceiving the future with this growing trend. The Programme in collaboration with IOM will help address and identify this challenge so as the accompanying opportunities

Eligibility Criteria:

We are looking for 35 participants to represent the Arab region and the countries of the European Union. The Swedish Institute in Alexandria, the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, and IOM believe in equal opportunity, hence we will ensure there is a gender balance in the accepted applications.

  • Age: 18 – 35
  • Regions: From Arab and EU Countries
  • Professional and Educational Background: youth engaged in academia, Migration NGOs and Governmental Institutes, or a student’s researching in this area, with a clear interest in the topic.
  • Language: Fluent in English

Please Note:

Incomplete applications will not be accepted and only shortlisted participants will be contacted. Selection Process – Only Selected Applicants will be notified via Email: Additional Information :

  • Program’s Language: English
  • Program’s Duration: 28 April – 2 May 2018 (4 days)
  • Program’s Location: Swedish Institute Alexandria
  • Program’s Costs: Fully funded Programme by Swedish Institute Alexandria (SwedAlex) and The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to the following email address: applications@swedalex.org

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iiDebate interns in August and September 2k17

During the two months of August and September 2017 , the international institute of debate have recruited three interns from 2 different countries.   

The interns worked with iiDebate team essentially on the new projects implimented by iiDebate this periode which are The african Youth Panel , Follow the law and the iiDebate Hubs “IRC” . In the following our interns will be presenting themselves .

Zeina Balde

I am Zeina Balde from Sénégal , student in Economy and  Managment. I am a social activist who worked in humanitary and leadership projects.

For me life is like a rolling stone every day is a new challenge. I choosed Tunisia because I want to discover a new  culture and and to have new knowledge but above all to help , that ‘s why l joined iiDebate during August and September 2017 for the implimentation of the campaign voices of Africa a project in collaborate with AFRICAN YOUTH PANEL

Mohamed Mnif

I am mohamed mnif, a 24 years old from Sfax ,Tunisia . I obtained this year my licence in Busniess English for ISLN Nabeul . I  did my internship with iidebate in september 2017. I m really greatfull for this experience that made me more and more attached to the profissionel civil work.

Starting from October;  I officially joined IIDEBATE as a staff mamber and I m willing to do more things in my new position as IIDebate IRC Responsable (Innovation & research center) .

I like the environnement here , i like my work , i like IIDEBATE.

Mohamed Taher Mnif

I am mohamed Taher mnif from Tunisia , a 21 years old  and I m a student in  ISG Sfax . I m a social activist from sfax and I worked and volunteered in many clubs and NGO such as  JCI Gremda, Tunivisions club ISGS and Lions Tulip Sfax.

During September 2017, I joined iiDebate for an internship and I worked in the communication departement of the organization and I took care of the communication of the project “FOLLOW THE LAW” . I had the chance to learn new tools and skills in the communication field that may help me in the future


Also you , if you want to join the iidebate team to work in an international environnement and be one of our internes in the next months, just send us an email with your cv and cover letter to info@iidebate.org

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IIDebate and YFU are pleased to announce the application for the second edition of the virtual exchange program between Tunisia and USA.

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دعوة لإقامة شراكات مع منظمات المجتمع المدني في إطار برنامج حديث قهاوي

 يطلق المعهد الدولي للمناظرات الدورة الثالثة من المسابقة في شهر سبتمبر2017 حول ظاهرة اجتماعية تهم المجتمع التونسي و هي ظاهرة العنف داخل المؤسسات التعليمية و ستدوم هذه المسابقة 4 أشهر بداية من سبتمبر إلى ديسمبر 2017 و ستكون مخصصة للجمعيات والمنظمات المحلية في كامل الجمهورية

يسعى المعهد الدولي للمناظرات إلى توقيع شراكات مع العديد من الجمعيات و النوادي في الجهات من أجل تشريكهم في هذه الدورة من المسابقة و كذلك التخطيط لمشاريع و برامج مستقبلية معا وبالتّالي نشر برامج و نشاطات المعهد على أكبر نطاق ممكن و تمكين الشباب في جميع الجهات من المشاركة في برامج المعهد

موضوع هذه الدورة من المسابقة

تهدف المسابقة في دورتها الثالثة إلى تنظيم مجموعة من جلسات حديث قهاوي في العديد من الجهات حول ظاهرة العنف داخل المؤسسات التعليمية من خلال عدة مواضيع تهم علاقة التلميذ بمحيطه الدراسي , وضعية المؤسسات التعليمية و النظام الدراسي بشكل عام
يسعى المعهد الدولي للمناظرات من خلال هذه المسابقة للخروج بتقرير نهائي يلخص أراء المشاركين في هذه الظاهرة و الحلول المطروحة للتصدي لها.. وضمن هذه المدة ستنظم الفرق المشاركة 6 جلسات حديث قهاوي حول المواضيع التالية

علاقة التلميذ بالمحيط المدرسي

تأثير الايدولوجيا السياسية في المناهج الدراسيّة

النظام الدراسي الغير مشجع على الإبداع الفكري

تهميش المؤسسات التعليمية في الوسط الريفيّة

تأثير مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي في التلميذ التونسي

غياب الإحاطة الصحية و النفسيّة و الجنسية داخل الفضاء المدرسي

كيفية المشاركة ؟

المشاركة في هذه الدورة مخصصة للجمعيات و النوادي في الجهات. كل جمعية ترغب في المشاركة عليها ترشيح 3 شباب أعضاء في الجمعية و من ثم تعمير الاستمارة التالية في أجل أقصاه  12 سبتمبر 2017

مراحل المسابقة

سيتم اختيار فرق تتكون من 3 أشخاص (مدير جلسة , مقرر, مسؤول إعلامي) ممثلين لجمعية محلية في الجهات ليشاركوا في المسابقة

ستتلقى الفرق المختارة دورة تكوينية لثلاث أيام في شهر سبتمبر حول كيفية تنظيم جلسة حديث قهاوي, إدارة الحوار , كيفية كتابة تقارير و كيفية القيام بتغطية إعلامية للجلسات

كل فريق مطالب بتنظيم 6 جلسات حديث قهاوي حول المواضيع المقترحة من المعهد الدولي للمناظرات

كل فريق مطالب بإرسال تقرير و صور كل جلسة حديث قهاوي يتم تنظيمها , إلى فريق البرنامج

بعد تنظيم جلسات حديث قهاوي , يقوم الفريق بكتابة مشروع يمثل حلا لظاهرة العنف داخل المؤسسات التعليمية

سيتم اختيار5 مشاريع لتشارك في الحفل الختامي للمسابقة في شهر ديسمبر2017

تختار لجنة التحكيم مشروع واحد ليقوم المعهد الدولي للمناظرات بتمويله بمقدار 2300 دينار من أجل تطبيقه على أرض الواقع

حول برنامج حديث قهاوي

أطلق المعهد الدولي للمناظرات برنامجه “حديث قهاوي” Café Talk  في فيفري 2016 بهدف تنظيم حوارات و نقاشات مفتوحة في الفضاءات العامة لتطوير قدراتهم القياديّة و روح المبادرة لديهم من خلال منحهم الفضاء الملائم للتعبير بكل حرّية والعمل المشترك لإيجاد حلول مناسبة لمشاكل مناطقهم . و منذ إطلاق البرنامج، انتظمت  300  جلسة “حديث قهاوي”Café Talk  في  21 ولاية  بحضور أكثر من 3214 مشارك لمناقشة مشاكل مختلفة تهم شباب الولايات المعنيّة


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iiDebate interns summer 2k17


During the summer of 2017 , the international institute of debate have recruited five interns from different countries in the world .   

They worked with the team essentially on the preparation of our summer projects and events. In the following our interns will be presenting themselves .

Vincent :

“Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, I am a Political Science student at the London School of Economics. I chose Tunisia because I am interested in democracy promotion. I have been working on a variety of different projects for Debate, including Creativeness Magazine and the Café Talk competition 2nd edition.” – Vincent Chow


“my name is zeineb kaabi , born and raised in Tunisia , since i was 15 years old i am a social activist , worked on many projects , including iidebate’s projects ,some community work at my school  and i am a painter , artist , book lover , writer , i am adventurous person  and freshmen student . i work in community management in iidebate” – zeineb kaabi



“born in setif in Algeria in aug the 3rd in 1993, i am a nuclear physics student in saad dahleb university , my name is ala and that means “gift of god” in arabic and I m a traveller , sociel activist ,writer and the girl who loves to discover and I m a girl full of dreams. I choosed iiDeate association in tunisia to continue what i started” –  ouguergouz alaa

Imen :

“I m Imen Riahi , an Arab Language, Literature and Civilization student at IPELSHT from Tunisia. I started social activism  in 2012 when I started volunteering with the Tunisian Red Crescent. Currently, I m the “Travel+Social Good Tunis coordinator,  an intern with the International Institute of Debate . My mission in the internship is the management of the “Creativeناس”  magazine; the newest project of the IIDebate in a cooperation with the American Corner.” – Imen Riahi

Mouaadh :

“Mouaadh Souiah , 26 years old from Algeria intern as Graphic Designer in iiDebate , graduated from Badji Mokhtar university Annaba , I love Traveling and getting to know about more cultures , i adore learning other languages and i started founding an annual youth event in Algeria named (open mic event) hoping to spread optimistic thoughts in society and help others to improve their leadership capacities.” – Mouaadh Souiah

Dear reader , if you want to join the iidebate team to work in an international environnement and be one of our internes in the next fall , just send as an email with your cv and cover letter to info@iidebate.org


– communication Team

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About the Job

Do you possess a keen eye for design?  Are you all about living a new experience in the Tunisian civil society organizations? If you’ve answered yes, then iiDebate is the place for you.

iiDebate is a non profit organization that aim to initiate every young person to become active citizen in their community. We are a team of young and motivated staff members who seek to create positive change in Tunisia. We are looking for a  Graphic Designer for a 12 months contract.

The Graphic Designer will report to the Communication Manager and the executive director as part of the communication team, producing outstanding and innovative creative across all channels of the organization. In this role, the primary objective is to grow and develop and maintain iiDebate brand through design. Responsibilities will range from creating print and digital marketing material, website and video graphics, product packaging to corporate branding pieces.

The designer will work closely with fellow communication team members, and collaborate with Marketing, Content and project coordinator team as needed. Designer must be able to clearly communicate with the communication officer and the project coordinators to ensure all projects are reviewed and approved, on schedule, and deadlines are met.


  • Degree in Graphic Design, Bachelor, Master degree (NOT required if you have a good skills in design)
  • 1-2 years of related experience (Experience in non-profit NGOs on a volunteer bases is also accepted)
  • Passion for graphic design with strong portfolio (You should send your portfolio along with your application)
  • Team player, positive attitude, A MUST!
  • Ability to build and maintain strong positive working relationships to ensure that all design solutions meet deadlines and objectives.
  • Strong sense of typography, design, branding, layout, composition and color theory.
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills
  • Strong working knowledge of current Adobe Creative Suite; Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffects and Adobe Acrobat
  • Good writing skills in English, French and Arabic (Prefered)


Please send your application to info@iidebate.org , elyes@iidebate.org and ahmed@iidebate.org no later than June 15th, 2017 , we advise you to take a look to our previous work in order to get familiar with our working style on :

Application package requirements:

  1. Updated CV in English or French
  2. Motivation letter explaining why you want to join iiDebate family
  3. Your portfolio Link/PDF document

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for a physical/online interview.

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Cafe Talk competition second edition

This week, the second edition of the Cafe Talk competition will start off, with the participation of 10 teams representing 10 states: Kasserine, Gafsa, Sousse, Monastir, Nabeul, Tunisia, Ariana, Sfax, Gabes and Medenine, and will last for 3 months June, July and August 2017.

What is new in this edition is the partnership signed between IIDebate and the Tunivisions Foundation, which will allow the Tunivisions clubs in the respective states to participate exclusively in this edition

As for the theme of the second edition of the Cafe Talk competition, it will be about the phenomenon of “violence against women” in Tunisia due to the spread of this fact in our society and the failure of all parties to find solutions for the protection of women. So iiDebate and Café Talk team has choosen this phenomenon to be the topic of the second edition of the competition in order to come up with simple and realistic solutions where the 10 teams will organize 5 cafe talks each on the following topics:

Women in the political scene between absent and marginalized

– Rural women between marginalization and discrimination

– Violence against women inside  the family

– Role of legislators and civil society in reducing violence against women

– Women victims of sexual harassment in Public transportation

Then the  teams will come up with project ideas that represent their own solutions to the problem of “violence against women” in Tunisia and compete with the rest of the teams to win the prize money to finance their project.

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12 iiDebate members in the MICC school Poland 2017

Between January 28th and February 4th, 2017, 12 iiDebate members (under 20 years old) will be part, for the first time, in the Model of International Criminal Court (MICC) organized by the Kreisau-Initiative e.V.  In Krzyżowa, Poland

What is MICC?

MICC is a simulation of trials before the ICC for high-school and university students from all over the world.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the world’s most sophisticated mechanism for the protection of Human Rights and rules of warfare. MICC is a project that aims to teach core principles of the ICC to high-school and university students.

Since 2005 the Kreisau-Initiative e.V. along with its Polish partner-organization Foundation Krzyżowa for Mutual Understanding in Europe has been organizing the Model International Criminal Court (MICC) with the goal to intensify its work in the field of Human Rights Education.

The working language of every simulation is English, and every session comprises sets of trainings, discussions and workshops with a simulation of the ICC process – preparation, trial and verdict. Bringing in students from all around the globe, MICC fosters intercultural dialogue and understanding among students of various national and social backgrounds. The goal of this work is to encourage students to study human rights and humanitarian law.

Training for Youth Workers and Educators in the field of Civic Education, Human Rights, Facing History and Transitional Justice

From 7th to 12th November 2016, participants from 5 countries took part in this Training which took place in Berlin as a preparation for the MICC, provided a space for youth workers, teachers and activists from Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey, Germany and Poland to exchange ideas and experiences with regards to the historical, political and human rights context in their own countries. With an aim to further challenge contemporary human rights violations


A Tunisian Delegation for the first time in the MICC

12 Tunisian youth will be part for the first time in the Model of International Criminal Court (MICC School), in Krzyżowa, Poland between January 28th and February 4th 2017, and they were chosen among near to 50 applications in November 2016 after conducting a series of interviews.

Follow the journey of the Tunisian delegation to the MICC on the Facebook page of iiDebate.

About MICC School 2016