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Best iiDebate Trainer in March 2017 : Ameni Mathlouthi

The international Institute of Debate would like to give a shout out to Ameni Mathlouthi, the iiDebate Trainer for her dedication and hard work in delivering training sessions on the name of iiDebate association on February and March 2017 on the themes of Social Entrepreneurship, Debating, Communication and soft skills in the middle of the launching campaign of 4C :  Center of Career and Certification of the Competences.


Ameni delivered 4 training sessions starting on February 1st in Tunis – city of science and than in Sousse on February 7th in the ENISO (The engineering school of Sousse ) .In March , she delivered two other trainings , in Bizerte in March 15th and  in Nabeul in March 16 on the Closing ceremony of  4C ‘s national Tour. More than 150 students have benefit from those sessions in order to gain more information about the field of social entrepreneurship and soft skills.

Ameni Mathlouthi said ” 4C gave me such a tremendous opportunity to meet with ambitious university students with creative minds. Giving training sessions in four different regions of the country under different conditions as sometimes a large unexpected number of students join the session and together we spent great time and learned from each others”

Tunis - city of science

 4C & iiDebate Partnership

Since February 1st, 2017, iiDebate participated in the 4C Tour (Center of Career and Certification of the Competences). During six weeks, iiDebate provided training sessions on social entrepreneurship and soft skills in the universities of Tunis, Sousse, Ksar Hlel, Monastir, sfax, Mahdia and Gafsa thanks to the efforts of our Trainers Ameni Mathlouthi, Ali Hamouda, Ala Eddine Boussemaa, Wijden Bel Arbi and Hadyl Saker.

Through this Article, we want to thank all the iiDebate trainers and Alumni who delivered trainings and workshops for the Tunisian Youth in all Tunisia on the name of iiDebate.


 Ahmed Boulares 

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Women’s Day March the 8th

Mother, sisters, wives, girlfriends and fiancees…what would we ever do without them? Nobody can honestly say we don’t owe an enormous amount to the women in our lives, from the mothers who made us chicken soup when we were sick as children, to the sisters who helped us decide what to wear on our first date, to the wives who somehow manage to juggle both a career and a family, never missing a beat. Women’s Day is all about celebrating these incredible people and showing them how much we love, respect and value them. This holiday is perhaps especially important in parts of the world where women are still forced to deal with shocking inequality on a daily basis and is meant to raise awareness of the challenges and struggles faced by these women. Women’s Day celebrates women’s history, highlighting key events, milestones and achievements, and aims to further promote and raise awareness of women’s rights and to achieve equal opportunity status in all walks of life.

The History of Women’s Day

It may come as a rather sad surprise that Women’s Day was first celebrated on February 28th, 1909 in New York. Two years later, German socialist Luise Zietz proposed that the holiday become an annually observed one that would celebrate various women’s issues, such as suffrage, so as to promote equal rights for women. The first few Women’s Days were celebrated in a quite different fashion than they are nowadays, with hundreds of demonstrations taking place in Europe. During these demonstrations, women demanded they finally be given both the right to vote and to hold public office. Employment sex discrimination was also an important issue. In 1917, the Women’s Day demonstrations in Saint Petersburg, Russia, helped initiate the February Revolution, when women marched through the city demanding an end to World War I. This shocked even Leon Trotsky, who, much like other Russian leaders of the day, did not expect the Women’s Day protests to cause that much of a stir. Until 1977, Women’s Day was celebrated mainly in socialist countries. It was only after the United Nations General Assembly’s decision to proclaim March 8th International Women’s Day that the holiday gained worldwide popularity.

How to Celebrate Women’s Day

There are many ways that you can go about celebrating this holiday, but all of them have a similar goal: to raise awareness about the struggles of women the world over and honor their achievements. Of course, not all achievements are huge, worldwide game-changers like women finally obtaining the right to vote—there are all sorts of other, smaller feats that women you know manage on an everyday basis that you may not pay too much attention to until you try calming 2 crying toddlers, making dinner and explaining the particulars of a newly-acquired client to your boss over the phone at the same time. This may sound ridiculously hard to pull off, but this is something thousands of women pull off every day, something that should be deeply appreciated and something that nobody should take for granted. Grand gestures aren’t necessarily required to show appreciation, either—sometimes a simple “thank you, I have no idea how you do it” is enough to lift an overworked woman’s spirits.

If you’d like to do something more, though, there is a virtually endless amount of things you can do to help improve women’s lives the world. You can attend one of the 1000+ events organized globally where you can learn about what women’s lives are like in different countries and make a donation to the event you attend. Reading books is also a great way of broadening your horizons, and biographies of women like fearless Somalian women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali will definitely open your eyes and inspire you to see women’s lives and problems completely differently.


Source  : https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/womens-day/

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iiDebate Newsletter February 2017

Dear iiDebate followers, through this article , iiDebate communication Department would like to introduce you to our first Newsletter 2017. It will summarize our activities during the month of February 2017. In addition, we will provide you with a brief introduction to our new projects, partnerships , Trainings and iiD chapters updates.

Here you can download the iiDebate Newsletter February 2017

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Youth Talk Inspire Gabes 10 Mars 2017

L’institut international de débats iiDebate, Tunivisions et OCTUPUS Event organisent l’événement “Youth Talk Inspire” dans le cadre de son projet ” Café Talk ” avec le support de l’ambassade Américaine en Tunisie. Cette conférence aura lieu le 10 Mars 2017 à la foire internationale de Gabès au cours du SALON DE L’ETUDIANT à partir de 14h30

Plusieurs acteurs seront présents lors de cette conférence :

  • Nahla Nasfi : Life Coach
  • Seif Ben Romdhan : Directeur d’OCTOPUS Events
  • Ahmed Achour : Directeur général chez Tunivisions Magazine

Nahla Nasfi

Au cours de cette conférence, on discutera le rôle des jeunes dans la vie sociale et les recommandations proposées qu’on puisse inclure dans la stratégie du nouveau gouvernement afin d’intégrer et activer le rôle des jeunes dans le processus des affaires publiques.

ahmed Achour

A travers cette conférence, les organisateurs optent à inspirer les participants afin d’avoir une vision plus claire sur le parcoure à venir dans le cadre de l’entrepreneuriat et l’employabilité. La présence des entrepreneurs, la société civile, les médias, ainsi que les jeunes étudiants serai un mélange bénéfique pour l’avenir de nos jeunes.

Seif ben romdhane

Plus de détails : https://www.facebook.com/events/434030036938165/ 


Youth Talk Inspire Samedi 18 Fevrier à ENET’COM SFAX

L’institut international des débats iiDebate et l’association Junior Entreprise Enet’Com organisent l’événement “Youth Talk Inspire” dans le cadre de son projet ” Café Talk “ avec le support de l’ambassade Américaine en Tunisie. Cette conférence aura lieu le 18Fervrier2017 à Ecole ENET’COM, Sfax à partir de 14h au sein de l’Amphi.

Plusieurs acteurs seront présents lors de cette conférence :

  • Sayda Ounissi : Secrétaire de l’état chargé de l’employabilité et l’entreprenariat
  • Refka Nsiri : Responsable d’échange de l’ambassade américaine  en Tunisie
  • Amine Chouaieb : CEO CHIFCO
  • Leila Mohammed :CEO Creatiste
  • Fares Khiari : Coach en communication et Up to Business Manager
  • Mahdi Sahnoun  : Fondateur du projet Café Talk


Au cours de cette conférence, on discutera le rôle des jeunes dans la vie sociale et les recommandations proposées qu’on puisse inclure dans la stratégie du nouveau gouvernement afin d’intégrer et activer le rôle des jeunes dans le processus des affaires publiques.









A travers cette conférence, les organisateurs optent à inspirer les participants afin d’avoir une vision plus claire sur le parcoure à venir dans le cadre de l’entrepreneuriat et l’employabilité. La présence de l’Etat, la société civile, les médias, les entrepreneurs ainsi que les jeunes étudiants seraient un mélange bénéfique pour l’avenir de nos jeunes.

Plus d’information sur l’évenement : https://www.facebook.com/events/1841150299480540/?active_tab=discussion

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International Book Giving Day : 14th February each year

International Book Giving Day takes place on 14th February each year. The aim? To get books into the hands of as many children as possible.It’s focusing on encouraging people worldwide to give a book to a child on February 14th. We invite individuals to

  • 1) gift a book to a friend or family member,
  • 2) leave a book in a waiting room for children to read
  • 3) donate a gently used book to a local library, hospital or shelter or to an organization that distributes used books to children in need internationally.

A Message from iiDebate Community

Devoted to instilling a lifelong love of reading in children and providing access to books for children in need, Book Giving Day calls on volunteers to share their favourite book with a young reader. This can take many forms; some people give books as gifts to their own children or to those of friends. Others donate books to children’s libraries, schools or charities. Still others leave books in places where they’ll be found, such as doctors’ waiting rooms or coach stations.

4 Ways You Can Get Involved in International Book Giving Day!

  1. Leave a book for a child to discover, donate to a local charity.
  2. Connect with others celebrating International Book Giving Day via Facebook, Twitter  #bookgivingday
  3. Share a photo of yourself celebrating International Book Giving Day, use #bookgivingday on social media so we can find you.
  4. Invite your community to celebrate International Book Giving Day. Proudly display the #bookgivingday poster.


14th February is about sharing the love of books!



More about this day : https://bookgivingday.com/

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12 iiDebate members in the MICC school Poland 2017

Between January 28th and February 4th, 2017, 12 iiDebate members (under 20 years old) will be part, for the first time, in the Model of International Criminal Court (MICC) organized by the Kreisau-Initiative e.V.  In Krzyżowa, Poland

What is MICC?

MICC is a simulation of trials before the ICC for high-school and university students from all over the world.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the world’s most sophisticated mechanism for the protection of Human Rights and rules of warfare. MICC is a project that aims to teach core principles of the ICC to high-school and university students.

Since 2005 the Kreisau-Initiative e.V. along with its Polish partner-organization Foundation Krzyżowa for Mutual Understanding in Europe has been organizing the Model International Criminal Court (MICC) with the goal to intensify its work in the field of Human Rights Education.

The working language of every simulation is English, and every session comprises sets of trainings, discussions and workshops with a simulation of the ICC process – preparation, trial and verdict. Bringing in students from all around the globe, MICC fosters intercultural dialogue and understanding among students of various national and social backgrounds. The goal of this work is to encourage students to study human rights and humanitarian law.

Training for Youth Workers and Educators in the field of Civic Education, Human Rights, Facing History and Transitional Justice

From 7th to 12th November 2016, participants from 5 countries took part in this Training which took place in Berlin as a preparation for the MICC, provided a space for youth workers, teachers and activists from Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey, Germany and Poland to exchange ideas and experiences with regards to the historical, political and human rights context in their own countries. With an aim to further challenge contemporary human rights violations


A Tunisian Delegation for the first time in the MICC

12 Tunisian youth will be part for the first time in the Model of International Criminal Court (MICC School), in Krzyżowa, Poland between January 28th and February 4th 2017, and they were chosen among near to 50 applications in November 2016 after conducting a series of interviews.

Follow the journey of the Tunisian delegation to the MICC on the Facebook page of iiDebate.

About MICC School 2016




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بلاغ قصد الاعلام

تونس في11/01/2017

  ان الهيئة المديرة للجمعية العالمية لتدريب المناظرات 

MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative )   قد  تلقت مساعدة مالية من منظمة   

 مبادرة الشراكة  الشرق الاوسطية من بانكوك , تايلاندا قيمتها 115.347.940 دينار بتاريخ 30/12/2016

 عن الهيئة المديرة للجمعية العالمية لتدريب المناظرات