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Cafe Talk : Why and How ?

Cafe talk is an opportunity for youth to express their opinions and debate social issues that impact our society. It is a chance that grants young people the ability to empower their initiatives and launch their projects after gathering ideas and insights from participants. This project is open for everyone who believes that dialogue is the first step towards change.

Why cafetalk ?

This is the opportunity for you to develop your communication and problem solving skills by learning how to act as a part of a discussion group. You will have the chance to connect with people from different backgrounds and come up with new ideas for your community. You will also expand your comfort zone by discussing your passion with different audiences.


How to host a Cafe Talk?

Three main actors are essential to initiate a Cafe Talk in your community. Together, you will brainstorm about a topic and organize the event.


The Cafe Talk Host is the main responsible of the Cafe Talk event. The team will be in touch directly with him/her and he/she is the one who will be notified about all the information.

This person will also be the moderator of the session during the 90 min event and will make sure that all the rules are respected. Any person can be a Cafe Talk host but she/he should have skills to manage a discussion group  and open to have a new experience in public speaking.


She/he is the key element of the Cafe Talk event. She/he will be in charge of reporting and classifying the ideas instantaneously. He/she will report the problems and solutions discussed to the host after the talk

Community manager:

He/She will be responsible of the live tweet and he will make a live transmission of the Cafe Talk process through social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram…). Then, at the end of each part of the Cafe Talk, the community manager will share the questions, comments and feedback from the virtual attendees of the event.

If  you want to host a Cafe Talk in your region , fill out the form on this link : http://cafetalks.org/host-cafetalk

More details about Cafe Talk can found on the website : www.cafetalks.org


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