Cafe talk 4.0 ComicBooks Final Event

9 teams 2 Days 1 Major award per ComicBook and a lot of passion


Nine 3-member teams from Gafsa, Elkef , siliana, Kasserine and Mannouba got together for two days 29th and 30th of june to finalize the café talk competition that based on analyse of five comicBooks which reflect violent extremism.


The first day was a series of workshops and debates at al Karmel Hotel

During the second day, the closing ceremony held place where the finalists teams pitched their projects

After the gathering of teams, the workshops started at 16:15 they took place in small cozy room where different themes derived from the subject of extremism were discussed.

On the second day the nine finalists gathered together with the presence of a panel of three judges : Bouraoui El ouni Project Manager at Search For Common Ground, Ahmed Boulaares Communication Manager IFES and Firas Gam the Former Coordinator of the CTP.

The teams pitched their projects ideas in the attempt of winning a small gain to help them initiate their projects

They had 5-minutes each to present the concept of their final project with a 10-minutes questions-answers sessions by the judges.

The tension was governing the room as the participants were defending their ideas and explaining how beneficial and relevant it is to the main theme of the competition, but only one project was going to win per comicBook.

Each finalist team presented his final project, alternative messages and videos to the Jury that gathered : Ahmed Boulares and Firas Gam: Café Talk experts as well as Bouraoui Ouni specialist in CVE and PVE withing Search For Common Ground. The selection of the winners was based on a scoring on 10points by the present Jury composed by: 2.5 Points on the quality of work; 2.5 Points on the presentation and communication skills; 2.5 Points on the project’s idea; 2.5 Points on the project’s feasibility.


General prizes:

Boumakhlouf Le Kef Team pitching their project

Best Reporter: Lamis Bouazzi From Kasserine’s Teams

Best Moderator: Maryem Jouini From Manouba’s Team

Best Community Manager: Iheb Khlifi from El Gutar Team

Best Community engagement prize: Laaroussa Team

Best Innovation Prize: Moulares Team.



Winning projects per ComicBook:



Soulayma: Manouba Team Project’s concept: Title: Enty Overall Objective: Strengthen the self-capacity of young people (from 18 to 35 years) by strengthening self-confidence while engaging several NGOs in the process through providing youth with training courses to enhance self-capacity and development Stages of achievement: 1- Outreach to various NGOs to contribute in the project 2-Research on the needs of young women and young people 3 – Training courses in accordance with the results of the research. 4- Design of awareness videos, urban and online campaigns street on violent extremism and the recruitment of fragile young people to extremist movements.



Dali: El Gutar Team Project’s concept: Title: El Gutar cultural hub Overall objective: Prevent EL Gutar young citizens from being engaged in violent or/and extremist activities. A continuously cultural training center in the profit of young people in order to engage them in cultural work and refining their talents and abilities in the absence of special mechanisms and spaces in El Gutar area. As well as motivate young people to participate actively in the cultural and social fields.

Imara: Kasserine Team Project’s concept: Title: Ciné-Talk Overall objective: Refute and reduce many issues and problems that permeate the community in Kasserine, known for producing young people engaged in Terrorism violent extremism through cinema and art. The first stage: Café Talk sessions to discuss the most important issues in the eyes of young participants in the area of Kasserine. The second stage: A training course in how to draft and design a script in the profit of selected young people from Kasserine. The third stage: A training course in the skills of directing, photography and production for the same target.
The fourth phase: The production stage will be in the form of a competition where the beneficiaries of training courses are divided into three teams. Each team is required to shoot a short film (compulsory) and an awareness campaign (optional). At the end of the competition all the films will be projected publicly and the best work will be crowned. The fifth and final stage: Establishment of a cinema club under the name CinéTalk, which will include all the individuals participating in the competition, in order to maintain the sustainability of the project.

Kods: CafeHeads Team (Gafsa) Project’s concept: Title: Ghchecher CafeHeads (Small CafeHeads) Overall objective: Engage children and teenagers actively in their communities in order to promote the spirit of volunteering for peace.
1- Training of a group of teenagers in the field of cultural activism, afterwards, organization of a competition in the region of Gafsa among the youth in schools to activate as many children as possible and integrate them. 2-Conducting periodic events at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Gafsa on behaviours that lead to violent risk. 3- A café Talk competition between two high schools in Gafsa

Amal: Laaroussa Team Project’s concept: Title: listening hub for her Overall objective: Mentoring and psychological framing of women that have been sexually aggressed and/or have been victims of rape. 1-Creation of a listening cell in the youth centre of Laaroussa for these women, as well as the organization of Café Talks exclusively for women in order to discuss their psychological state and find solutions to integrate them in social life. 2-Organization of public Café Talks in the area of Laaroussa about the issue of sexual violence against women.


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