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12 iiDebate members in the MICC school Poland 2017

Between January 28th and February 4th, 2017, 12 iiDebate members (under 20 years old) will be part, for the first time, in the Model of International Criminal Court (MICC) organized by the Kreisau-Initiative e.V.  In Krzyżowa, Poland

What is MICC?

MICC is a simulation of trials before the ICC for high-school and university students from all over the world.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the world’s most sophisticated mechanism for the protection of Human Rights and rules of warfare. MICC is a project that aims to teach core principles of the ICC to high-school and university students.

Since 2005 the Kreisau-Initiative e.V. along with its Polish partner-organization Foundation Krzyżowa for Mutual Understanding in Europe has been organizing the Model International Criminal Court (MICC) with the goal to intensify its work in the field of Human Rights Education.

The working language of every simulation is English, and every session comprises sets of trainings, discussions and workshops with a simulation of the ICC process – preparation, trial and verdict. Bringing in students from all around the globe, MICC fosters intercultural dialogue and understanding among students of various national and social backgrounds. The goal of this work is to encourage students to study human rights and humanitarian law.

Training for Youth Workers and Educators in the field of Civic Education, Human Rights, Facing History and Transitional Justice

From 7th to 12th November 2016, participants from 5 countries took part in this Training which took place in Berlin as a preparation for the MICC, provided a space for youth workers, teachers and activists from Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey, Germany and Poland to exchange ideas and experiences with regards to the historical, political and human rights context in their own countries. With an aim to further challenge contemporary human rights violations


A Tunisian Delegation for the first time in the MICC

12 Tunisian youth will be part for the first time in the Model of International Criminal Court (MICC School), in Krzyżowa, Poland between January 28th and February 4th 2017, and they were chosen among near to 50 applications in November 2016 after conducting a series of interviews.

Follow the journey of the Tunisian delegation to the MICC on the Facebook page of iiDebate.

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